Monday, August 12, 2013

So my homecoming talk will be September 22nd, eh? That sounds great! Do you know what the topic is? I'm glad it'll be nice and quick, right in the thick of all the excitement of the week. What time does our church start now? According to my calculations... 11:00? I need to know so I can start telling all my RM buds when they need to come and everything. It's good to hear too that I already have a nice bed and everything set up for when I get home too. It's alright though, even if the whole email was pretty much just talking about the future, it's okay. I know you are excited and I would have to lie to say if I wasn't too. You're right though, for I do have 39 days left on this beautiful island here (you probably don't have to be so specific on your countdown next time, haha).
We've had a pretty good week this week though. Just another crazy week of mission transfers. Us office elders are pretty much on top of all the transportation that happens during these transfers, and I am happy to say that we got everyone where they needed to go. Only one Elder had to wait a day or two for his forgotten luggage, but that's only a technicality. We even got to drop of a Malagasy elder at the airport his past week. He is from Fort Dauphin, the southern tip of Madagascar, and is now currently serving in Cape Town, South Africa. These weeks truly are crazy though, absolutely full of a whole different type of missionary work. Usually we don't get a whole bunch of time to go out teaching and stuff on these weeks, but that's just all for the work. 
We have been working with the new office couple very well though. The Clowards are from Provo, and Sister Cloward has been telling me that the Payson temple is looking pretty great. She also told me something like they have the Tabernacle Temple up on stilts or something so they can go about building in a basement. Sounds pretty crazy!
This past week we also saw a good group of missionaries go home. Elder Bates, one of those Elders, said he is going to come down from his hometown in Canada to come to my homecoming. That means next month you all might be able to meet a Canadian! Cool.
Now we are just going into yet another busy week here in the office. Days are still just going by as fast as lightening, and I guess that's just how it is! I think one really important thing I have learned here working in the office is how much you really can get done in a day, and on top of that, how fast days really do go by. 'Tis good.
Anyways though, I am doing well. We moved into a new house this past week. Our new house is nice, though it has a bunch of little problems that need to be fixed. That just comes with new houses though, so it is not a big deal. I'm currently living with Elder Payne, an Elder from Orem, Utah who has been here three months, and he was showing me some pictures this morning of the 4th of July Hot Air Balloons. I forgot about those. Those are nice.
Anyways again, I am doing well. Thank you for the email again and I will try my hardest to 'make the most of the little moments' this next month as you said.
I love you and YOU don't forget to bless your food too!

Elder Austin Bergera/Space-man

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