Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Greetings from Mahajanga!
I wish you all well as you go into the last day of 2012! 
These New Years celebrations sure do bring us into a pondering and reflecting mode, don't they? Here I sit in a cyber cafe, squishing ants between my fingers, forced to think back to all the stuff I have done this year. Exactly one year ago today I did my first baptism ever to a young pregnant woman. Here I sit now with a year full of unforgettable experiences behind me, and it's crazy! I can't believe a year has already gone by. I am looking forward to tomorrow though; a new year, a new fresh start.
Just so you know, the people here have that same joke that we always pull at this time of the year. "Hisakafo aty aminay ianareo amin'ny herintaona... amin'ny zoma zany!" (you guys will come eat with us next year.. so on friday!) said one of our recent converts to us last night. Even with our infinite amount of differences, mankind is all the same, haha.
So I had a pretty nice week this past week though. It has been one of those really long ones. Not so much in the fact that it has dragged on, but just that a lot of things have happened, and thus feels like a long one. 
First of all, like I told you on the phone, Elder Fox got transferred. He is now back in Antananarivo, and I am here in Mahajanga. I am not going to lie, I have gotten pretty fond of that kid. We have been together a pretty significant portion of our missions, haha. He left on a taxi brusse on Thursday, and I assume he has made it safely. Nah, he has, I talked to him once since. He was lucky enough to be able to back on a night voyage, which i assume is better than leaving in the morning like I did when I came here. Then you can sleep the long 12 hour drive, but it's all good no matter. 
Secondly, we had a nice Christmas. The sun blazed my skin and I sweat a lot. The branch had a little program at night that i was surprised to see. Mostly because i had been wondering if there would be one for a while, and I had heard that there wouldn't. To my surpise on christmas day however, they had a little get together at the church. The primary had put on a little program, and I actually really enjoyed it. Kids are funny. I never really realized that before my mission, but they are. After that all the kids went out into another room, and one member shared a spiritual thought about Jesus Christ. I really enjoyed that. I really felt the christmas spirit deeply as he bore testimony of the Savior. Though the attendance wasn't huge, only twenty or so people, I felt a huge bond with them as we all sat together in this room learning and feeling the spirit of Christ. 
As far as other Christmasy things we did, we both actually received packages from our family before hand, so Elder Fox and I both opened those on christmas morning all nice like. 
I would send you a bunch of pictures, but right now I was going to look for them I am pretty sure my card has a virus or something, cause a bunch of pictures got erased. I mean a lot. The memory still seems to be taken up though, I so I don't know if they are legitmenty lost or what, but I don't really have to time or resources to check up on that now, so I am just going to go buy a new card and stash this one until I get home. Hopefully I can raise them from the dead, but I guess only if my faith is strong enough. It's way mahakamo. I'll take some nice babies this week though and send them over to you.
Anywho, my new companion's name is Elder Rasolofonirina. He is from Antananarivo, and honestly I am not used to they way they speak their anymore. At least the way that the youngins speak. It's all funny and kind of sounds Chinese, but it's all good. We are doing well and just trying to work hard. 
Thank you for the picture of Michael, haha. It's way good to see him. He's still looking all missonary sharp, and he's making my picture look bad with all of his handsomeness. Dang it Michael! haha just jokes. 
I guess that's about it right now. I am pretty bummed on my pictures, but I have got a whole journal full of memories anyway that could never get erased. I am about 2/3rds way through my 3rd journal by now. It's all going well.

All right, I guess I have to end in sometime. 
I'll see you all in 2013!

Elder Bergera

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