Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bonjour Maman!
Hey, funny to see you here!
So you asked me (direct copy and paste quote), "ANY NEW LESSONS OR BAPTISMS FOR THE NEW YEAR?" to which I may reply, yes. I am not quite sure what you meant by new lessons, but we have taught a lot of lessons, so I would reply that we have had many new lessons. With 2013 here and thriving, we put on our nicest boots and kicked all of those 'old lessons' out of the house. 
As far as baptisms go, we will be having a baptism this weekend. We have a couple here who have been coming to church for a good while now, and the only problem they had between them and baptism was that they were not legally married. They have been diligently working with the Branch President here to take care of that, and lo and behold it is now finished. On Friday morning we went with them to the 'City Center' of sorts, and we got their marriage all finalized and certified. They are an older couple, at least in their upper 50's. Claude and Marie are their names, respectively. 
I love what the church does for people. I already wrote a big ol' entry about this in my journal, but I'll paste a little blag on here anyway. You see, here we have one couple who have gone who knows how many years without being married legally. Oh how easy it would've been for them to go the rest of their days carefree, not worrying about this little blip. They would've finished it, sure, it was just a hassel tucked away deep in the storage sheds of their minds. But now, thanks to helping hands and a caring heart, they were able to get in finished. Their marriage is now complete. Now, I don't know if they love eachother now anymore than they did before, but it's official now. It's all.. milamina. I don't know a better word for that in English.
So yes, like I previously mentioned we should be having that baptism be taking place this weekend. Claude has had a coffee problem in the past, so if he happens to drink again we may have to postpone the baptism, but we are praying for him. 
I really liked that dream you had. It was funny. Here, I will copy and paste it in here so that when other people read this they can know what I am talking about:
"I actually had a dream about you the other night.  I dreamed that you and your companions were allowed to fly home for Christmas day, but because you had so many places to stop (kinda like Santa, I guess), then you couldn't stay long.  We families got about 1/2 hour each to visit and hug on you.  Well, your companions came in, and I'll like, "Where's Austin?", and then you came in and your hair was twice as long as it ever was in high school.  And I was like amazed, and you said it was because they decided you were the next Samson, and you had much more power if you had your hair long.  I was like, "wow", and then you laughed, and all your companions laughed, and you pulled off this long, dread-lockish wig, and you said, "Too bad it's not April Fool's."  It really was good to see you in my dream, even if you were pulling a trick on me."
Haha yeah. I like that. Samson in my hero, even though he did fall. He obviously wasn't strong enough though. Silly man, you never cut your hair for a girl. Unless that girl is a little cancer girl, then it's okay, then you can donate it, but for stinky Delilah? "Come on!!"
The rain has really been picking up. If you have room, a nice little umbrella would be a nice gift, if you were thinking about sending a package any time soon. I don't know if I told you this before, but the one we bought when I was getting ready for my mission broke in the MTC, so I left it there. But yeah, the rain is staring to come down pretty hard. It's rained every day this week. My Daily Planner is getting pretty thrashed up, haha. Sometimes i forget to put it in my backpack. It's all good though. You'll all be impressed when I show it to you and you see how rain-warped and tattered it is. My new companion has been counting everytime I fall and slip into the mud. I think we are up to three now. The trouble is the bottom of my shoes are completely flat, so I get into a lot of goofy situations. It makes sense though, because here in the Southern Hemisphere, fall is coming up.
In all seriousness though, things are going well. I am really trying to figure out how to best incorporate the branch council into the work, cause that's something that isn't as well formed here as I imagine it is in other places. The people are still all figuring out how to do it all. I believe we can get it going well and truly make a difference here. 
Things are going great though, and even though I am 86% I stepped in poop (hopefully dog) on my way to the cyber, the sun is shining so there isn't much to complain about.

Thank you!

Eldera Bergera

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