Tuesday, December 11, 2012

News this week.. Our Mission President came up and visited us up here this past weekend. It was really nice to know that we aren't forgotten up here all by ourselves, haha. He came up and gave some awesome leadership training for the branch up here, and we also saw a good increase in the number of people who came to church as well. We also got some really good help and advice for what we should do specifically for this branch. It was a really nice weekend, and they also brought us up 'The Legacy' for us to watch on Christmas, which I am really looking forward to. 
It seems insane that Christmas is almost here again. This week I will have been living in Madagascar for over a year, haha. It's crazy. Time goes by so fast. These last three months I have been in Mahajanga honestly feel like maybe one month, if that. A group of Elders who hit their year marks not too long after I got in country will be going home in the next few weeks, and we all just keep getting older in the mission. 
If you happen to see Michael this week, embrace him well for me. I am not sure what day he will be coming home of course, but according to my calcuations, it should be very, very soon.

Well, things are awesome, things are great. 
Keep on keeping on!

Elder ABG

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