Monday, February 18, 2013

Dearest Mother,

I think there is a toilet (I used 'toilet' lightly) outside the window where I am writing this. I keep catching wiffs.
I must say that your closing line caught me a bit off guard there. I quote, "Take care, blood, bled  your food, accreditation." Now you say that your 'kindle hand-held camp fire' has an autocorrect function, so I could assume this is a result of that, but I could also assume it isn't. However; I assure you I will give an honest effort this week to bleed my food. I am not quite sure how to go about this, and willing to give it a try. That's what a mission is about, right?
Okay, for an answer about the internet problem.. yeah, I don't know. I guess just try to find some people that know what they are doing? Have them come look at it? That's all I can really imagine would help.
So I have attached some photos for your viewing pleasure.
First, it is the rainy season. Here we have a funny man doing a funny man pose. Funny man. Some of the little roads and paths get really backed up with water, like this one. According to the family we teach by here, this is isn't really to bad yet. It gets much worse than this some years.
Second, I don't remember which is second so I will describe just from what I remember. Here you have my awesome tan-line. I guess you could call this a 'missionary tan' or a 'white collar tan,' it'll all do. It's pretty cool, huh? Also, you can see the really short hair cut I got a few weeks ago. I don't really like it that short, but I don't really care either. At this point, it is all fine. I don't like my hair short, but it has to be, so no matter how it looks now it's fine. Might as well go way short sometimes.
Third, sometimes it is needful to hitch hike the indian ocean. 
Fourth, here we have a fruit. I don't know what this is called in English. It's a funny little fruit which tastes like.. hmm.. soursop, if you know what that is. Okay, I have never eaten a soursop, but I have drinken the 'pop drink' (a type of drink powder mix) version and they tasted similar. Okay, i just found out that it is called 'pomme cannelle' in french, or 'sugar apple' in english. It doesn't really taste like an apple at all.
Anyway though, things are going well. I have officially been in this area the longest so far, and it still feels like the shortest. 
I don't really have too much to say though.
Let me know how the internet goes!
Elder Berjerry

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