Monday, June 4, 2012

 Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo Mother!
Okay, yeah, today is just a simple, normal p-day. No overly celebrated holidays, no visiting crocodile parks, nope. Just a normal p-day.
Oh, what was that? Yeah, that's what I did two weeks ago. Early in the morning we heard that some of the missionaries here would be going to an crocodile park, so we decided to go up with them! The ride took quite a while, and we had to change buses halfway through to get there. On the second bus, we had so many people on the bus that some of us were just kind of hanging on the back. Sort of. I was the last one in, and I just sort of squeezed in the back. Somewhere along the way, the guy who takes money (you see, in buses here you have the driver who drives, and a guy in the back who takes money who talks in really fast, nasel-y Malagasy), well the guy who takes money brushed up against me somehow, someway, and perfectly enough to brush my name tag right off my shirt and out the door. As the bus was going. This kind of bummed me out. You see, in an adventureous mission like this one, name tags get lost all the time. It's sort of a dream to keep the mtc tag your whole mission. Waay cool stuff. Then all the dirt and gunk builds up in the letters of your name, and you can proudly show everyone when you get home how dirty is here. Well... I lost it, haha. I'll be getting a 'south african' name! Which is a nametag made from the south african MTC, and for whatever reason, when they make name tags there, the font of the name is smaller. So yeah, I should be getting that soon. Right now I have just been using the spare that you usually clip onto suits, but it's just not the same.
So yeah, the crocodile park. Tons of crocs. I actually forgot to take any pictures of the crocodiles, but trust me, there were tons. I attached a video I took of some lemurs they had. This was the first time I've seen lemurs! Soooo stoked. I actually got super duper close to one and fed it some guava, but the video I took is way too long to try to send. Some Elders tried to get them down, but gave up. Then I held out some guava and it came down. No one else saw. Just me and the lemurs. It was so cool that it kind of scared me. Hopefully this video I attached will be able to play and stuff. They are so cool though, for real. The way they jump from anything to anything is sooo cool! Awww I love them. They make super weird noises though. If I hiked alone in the mountains, and heard these noises.. ughh. I would freak out probably. They are just weird screechy howlies. It's cool though. They had chameleons too, which were cool, and would be cooler if I didn't find those while I walked to teach sometimes. They also had a thing called Fusas, which are apparently the biggest carnivores here in Madagascar, but they arent too big. Kind of small, to tell you the truth. Kind of like a very small mountain lion. Still cool though. Oh yeah, and a HUGE turtle. Mostly likely over a hundred years old, I would think so myself. haha, he just sort of strutted over all the other turtles, and you could hear all their shells clanking and clonking all over the place. Way good. Hm... what else.. A ton of big fat crocodiles. They didn't really do anything though, just glop around. That's how I would described their lethargy, just gloppy. Oh yeah, and lastly this super colorful chicken, haha. I attached a picture of it, so hopefully you'll see what I mean. It's like a chicken found the end of a rainbow, and this is what happened to it. Pretty. Cool. Stuff.
And yeah, that's what I did two p-days ago. Along with riding buses for a long time, we actually walked quite a ways too, which ate a good portion of our p-day. I didn't really get to come on here, so I am on here now.
You asked what Pentacost was, and to tell you the truth, I don't really know. I know it has something to do with Jesus, but that's it. Maybe I should look it up. Maybe I should try to find the true meaning of it. Maybe I should've decorated a Pentacost tree. Maybe. I just don't know.
You commented on my picture of that sweeet, mostly non-disgusting pool, that it's such a hazard. haha. I forgot what America was like.
Also, don't worry, even though my haircut might look a big military... I don't want to do that. Um... nuh uh. Sgt Bergera sounds cool though. Actually...
That's way cool that the sisters all got together and made the yard look all nice for your birthday! That's way cool. Way to go! Our yard over here looks real good, tons of weeds and a big pile of dead weeds from before, so it's way good.
Anyway though, I hope this is a long enough email to keep you happy for this week!
I love you all!
Happy June! This is seriously a month I never thought would come, but it's here now.


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  1. Austin, Im not quite sure how the Book of Morman describes Pentecost.. But in the Bible the "Pentecost" refers to the day that the Holy Spirit entered the world, and began indwelling believers, also known as "the age of the church" the word Pentecost translates literally as "The 50th Day"

    I hope that answers your question :)